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About Workshop


To make India a knowledge superpower by fostering disruptive reforms in the Indian education system and enabling collaborations and knowledge exchange among eminent academicians of Indian origin, Industry leaders, Indian regulators and policy makers, thereby bringing about a socio-economical transformation of India.


  • To create a global platform for deliberations amongst higher educators of Indian origin.
  • To catalyse dialogues among regulators, academicians and industry representatives.
  • To facilitate knowledge exchange and multi-faceted collaborations in furtherance of educational sector in India.
  • To effectively contribute to New Educational Policy 2020, and to the larger objective of Atmanirbhar Bharat.


With the new world order, the world’s biggest democracy and the largest young workforce is all set to achieve sustainable growth for humankind. And who else, but the oldest democracy in the world can share a futuristic, inclusive and executable vision for education.

A productive discussion between the Indian diaspora in the US, policy makers, and Indian educationists, academicians and thought leaders, can offer solutions. Dr. Suresh Garimella, President, Vermont University, United States is chairing the activities in the US with eminent scientist Padma Vibhushan Dr. Raghunath A. Mashelkar chairing this activity in India. Stalwarts like Padam Bhushan Dr. Vijay Bhatkar, Padma Shri Dr. Sanjay Dhande with education sector leaders like Shri Rahul Karad and many other leading academicians are actively engaged in this mission.


  • The platform will act as a bridge between the US (which has the world’s most advanced and contemporary teaching-learning pedagogies) and India (which has the largest higher education student population) to bring the best practices to the Indian Higher Education System.
  • The platform will facilitate interactions between the eminent academicians scientists and thought leaders of Indian origin in the US and academic & scientific leadership of India and they can continue to work on transforming the Indian Higher Education System by drawing on the best practices in education in the US and vice versa.
  • The proposed workshop will draw from the past experiences while focusing on the current and future challenges and opportunities.


  • Fostering NEP2020 by means of global outreach to the Indian diaspora.
  • Aligns with the objective of the US-India Higher Education Summit held in October 2011.
  • It would help to India achieve the target of GER of 25% in Higher Education as enumerated in the SDG:4 on Education.
  • Offer opportunities to the 2 lakhs plus students of India to excel in their fields without having to leave the country.
  • Education is an important pillar of Indo-US Strategic Partnership. This workshop, in association with the Indian Embassy in the United States will be a definitive step in furtherance of India’s Education Diplomacy.