Workshop on Strategizing and Transforming Indian Higher Education:

While conceptualizing the workshop on Strategizing and Transforming Indian Higher Education, a part of Indo-US partnership initiative, the overriding concern and objective has been to bring in ‘Collaborative Competitiveness’ among all Indian private universities.

Vice Chancellors are among the most important stakeholders and influencers of higher education in India, and it is our firm resolve to learn and record the valuable views and opinions of the leading figures in the realm of higher education in India, and to incorporate the same in the blueprint for future.

For this purpose, a meeting of the selected Vice Chancellors of private universities numbering between 80 and 100, will be held in which all members of the Core Group will also participate to discuss and mull over the strategy of transforming the higher education in India.

The natural fallout of this intent has resulted in, inter alia, the following two significant takeaways:

Take Aways:

(a) To design a strategic framework for creating co-learning harmony among Indian private universities.
(b) To infuse and strengthen the overall ecosystem of Indian private universities with a healthy and selfless psyche of competition.

Main Objectives of the Workshop:

(a) To initiate certain subsidiary actions within the geography of India for value addition as well as for enhancing the final outcome. These actions may include periodic meetings between the key members, establishing a dedicated Secretariat of Higher Education, inviting 80 to 100 leading Vice Chancellors of private universities to receive their learned views, and forming regional chapters/clusters based on
(i) Nature of a cluster (design, social studies etc),
(ii) Geography (state wise), and
(iii) Objectives (research collaboration, innovation, pedagogy etc).

(b) To prepare the blueprint for the time period between the Visioning Workshop and all future deliberations to ensure there is a substantial move forward and the gathered momentum is not lost.